Built to Last

Love the look of wood floors but concerned about the upkeep? Laminate floors might be the perfect solution. Not only does laminate wow the eyes like hardwood, it couldnʼt be easier to clean. That makes it perfect for high traffic areas, kitchens, and homes with kids and pets.

Laminate floors are manufactured with sophisticated technology to create realistic designs, and they use a wear-resistant layer of melamine resins to create that durability. Basically, itʼs floor super-science – just for you.

Is Laminate Flooring Right For Me?

Laminate offers the following advantages:

  • Wood-like appearance to any room
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to install
  • Can reduce noise
  • Installs over almost anything

Seem perfect so far? Then come take a look at some laminate at our showroom!

Which Laminate Is Right For Me?

Laminates come in both planks and tiles and can be floated over most substrates which include concrete slabs and existing floor coverings. Our team can help you figure out which one suits your home best.

From Pergo to Quickstep, weʼve got the finest laminate flooring available anywhere. Once you stop in and share your vision with us, weʼll help you find the perfect choice that fits your passion and your pocketbook.