Seeing is Believing


Landers Premier Flooring is Austin’s Only Stainmaster Carpet Flooring Center. The Landers Premier Flooring showroom is even better – it’s a Stainmaster Flooring Center showroom – the only one in Austin, Texas!

Our showroom is the place to see Austinʼs finest flooring in person. Carpet, wood, tile, natural stone, laminate, cork, bamboo – we have countless variations of each, all from the top manufacturers in the country and in many cases only available in Austin from us.

Not only do we have a incredible selection of samples thatʼll inspire possibilities, our showroom features life-size applications of various styles and selections that demonstrate exactly how theyʼll look and feel after installation. No need for guesswork with Landers.

Selection is a big part of what makes our showroom special, but we also strive to make the experience comfortable and fun. While the adults enjoy talking with our helpful, no-pressure staff, the kids will love our one-of-a-kind playroom with TV/DVD entertainment, oodles of popular toys, and closed circuit video monitoring for your convenience.

Flooring is a great investment in your home, but itʼs also a reflection of your personality. The right fit for you is here, and youʼll have a great time finding it. Oh, and donʼt be surprised when you bump into one of Austinʼs leading builders and interior designers working with their clients at our design tables. It just comes with the territory.